Aclem is an advocacy NGO on children development and local community livelihood initiatives . Aclem aims at helping vulnerable local school-going children in Kasese District become useful citizens of Uganda and the world at large.
Mission Statement: “Ensuring sustainable Social Cultural and Economical Development through a planned environment that enhances quality life for the needy children in association with flora and faun”.
Vision: Hoping for the future of the needy and vulnerable school-going children in Uganda.
Motto: “United for the future of the needy children”.


educAclem is aiming at sensitizing, providing a warm, safe and conducive environment to further the development of the children’s potential creative, intellectual, psychological, social and physical skills. AClem staffs, through their out-reach programs, educate the young generation through film shows, essay competitions and other practical skills portraying the importance of good nutritional balance, wildlife, tree planting, and environment protection both at school and village levels. The ongoing cow project will provide milk to the children as nutritional supplement. In the past decades, Kasese teemed with abundant wild natural plants, animals and a viable population of local residents. Local communities accessed and benefited from these natural resources in a sustainable manner. However, due to increasing population size, HIV/AIDS pandemics, increase in youth drop out from schools and the conflict that erupted in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), people’s moral behaviours have been negatively affected, and it has been evident that the number of homeless children and orphans has increased.
Life is extremely difficult for many local children without appropriate child care centres, sensitisation, social-economic activities/amenities, and education services.


Little AngelsAClem works in partnership with Little Angels Model Primary school. Little Angels Model Primary school is a community founded school of children who lost their parents to AID/HIV pandemic. The school is located 20km from the border of Uganda with DR. Congo and 20km from Queen Elizabeth National Park. The school is a community founded and directed by Mr. Karungu Patrick. Counseling, rehabilitation, education of the victim child is necessary and we are doing this in regards to the UN child conventions on the rights of the child. We are optimistic that the little support we would revive in material, financial terms or and voluntary services, would support a variety of approaches all around the vulnerable communities in Kasese - Uganda.

  • Who knows where the next great idea or environmental leader will emerge?
  • Who knows what action will have the greatest impact?

Like an incubator of positive change, we can be there at the beginning as great things begin to happen.

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